Abstract: This is the first effort to create an initial checklist of spiders found inside the premises of Orange County Resort and its adjoining Dubare reserve forest. This list is compared with the list in Spiders of India (University press – P.A Sebastian, K.V Peter) ,Indian Spiders (Updated Checklist 2005 – Manju Siliwal, Sanjay Molur and B.K. Biswas) and Spiders in Mangalavanam, an ecosensitive mangrove forest in Cochin, Kerala, India (Araneae)(P.A Sebastian, S. Murugesan, M.J. Mathew, A.V. Sudhikumar and E. Sunish).

 A preliminary study was done to see the spider diversity inside the 300 acres premises of Orange county Resort and its plantation and its adjoining areas inside Dubare Reserve Forest in Siddapur, Coorg. Coorg is famous for coffee and pepper plantation. The initial survey was conducted by the most common field technique, sighting and identification. The survey yielded 52 species of spiders belonging to 40 different genera and 17 different families.

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