Description: Snout sharp and prominently upturned; internasals separated from one another. Head wide and triangular, Upper head scales unequal and partially imbricate. Eye with vertical pupil. Scales in 19-21 rows. Ventral 146, candals 52, paired. Body stout. Tail short and tapering.

Coloration: Green above and paler green on the underside; a distinct dorso-lateral series of paired, small white spots on the back. Head with a whitish temporal streak; top of snout and tail dull red.

Distribution: Highway mountains (1700m), Varushanad Hills, Madhurai District, Tamil Nadu.

HIgher Taxa: Viperidae

Synonym: Trimeresurus huttoni (Smith 1949)
Trimeresurus huttoni (Welch 1994:115)

Tropidolaemus huttoni (David & Vogel 1998, Mc Diarmid, Campbell & Toure 1999:349, Gumprecht etal '04)

12/24/2008 11:56:46 am

dude,,,!!! awesome...timereserus huttoni ~~ ..well done dude...
..actually..i was praying that u won't be asking me to do abt huttons pit viper...
..anyway dude...good work [:)]

11/21/2010 10:01:42 pm

Please send me details about the HUtton's Viper. Am waiting for ur reply..


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