Abstract : We have spent all our whole life in Tripunithura. Ten to Fifteen years back, Tripunithura was a lot greener than what it is today. We witnessed the greenery disappear right in front of our eyes. The many species of animals and birds which we used to see around daily vanished so quickly from our neighborhood. Being animal loves, we were surprised as well as worried about this disappearance. With the disappearance of neighborhood greenery, Hill Palace Museum premises attracted us with its tall trees, green canopy and vast gardens.

The development of Tripunithura from a god blessed royal town to one of the major residential area of the big city Cochin, had resulted in the depletion of many micro habitats which banished some wonderful creatures, which now refuge at the forested gardens of Hill Palace Cultural Museum. This has evolved the once mere forested garden to a unique biosphere which ensures the existence of the fauna.

Below is the link to the Initial Checklist study report which we did to analyze the fauna diversity inside the premises of Hill Palace. We are improving on the Checklist by including more species to the already mentioned list.

We'll be publishing the improved checklist soon..

Initial Checklist Study report on Fauna Diversity at Hill Palace Museum
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